Raymond E. Fowler

The Andreasson Affair

The Andreasson Affair

by Raymond E. Fowler

Publisher: Prentice Hall
Year: 1980
Category: UFOs
Hardcover: $30.00


Although some of the facets of Betty Andreasson's abduction experience fit neatly into the common aspects of the phenomenon as it has been described in more recent studies, there still remain several enigmatic, uncommon aspects to her tale that set it apart. At the time of publication (1979) Budd Hopkins and Whitely Strieber had yet to publish their groundbreaking books, and the abduction experience was little known and even less accepted by society as a whole. The Andreasson Affair basically links the earlier account of Betty and Barney Hill with the numerous abduction stories introduced to the public in the years since 1979. The story of an apparent implant removed from Betty's sinuses in her experience seems pretty mundane to us now, but this was an exciting discovery for Fowler and his associates in the late 1970s. - Amazon


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