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Photo: The Moon's Peculiar Dust Gets More Peculiar Still The Moon's Peculiar Dust Gets More Peculiar Still
Time - Tue Jun 19, 2012
The moon has never had all that much: It doesn't have atmosphere, it doesn't have water and it sure doesn't have life. More »

Photo: Moon's phases ARE linked with epilepsy Moon's phases ARE linked with epilepsy
Daily Mail, UK - Sat Nov 21, 2009
Superstitions about the influence of the Moon on the brain and, in particular, on epilepsy and seizures, have been around for centuries, but according to new research there may be something in them after all. More »

Photo: NASA finds 'significant' water on moon NASA finds 'significant' water on moon
CNN - Fri Nov 13, 2009
NASA said Friday it had discovered water on the moon, opening "a new chapter" that could allow for the development of a lunar space station. More »

Photo: NASA lost moon footage, but Hollywood restores it NASA lost moon footage, but Hollywood restores it
Associated Press - Thu Jul 16, 2009
WASHINGTON - NASA could put a man on the moon but didn't have the sense to keep the original video of the live TV transmission. More »

Photo: Full Moon Energizes Birds Full Moon Energizes Birds
Discovery News - Thu Sep 18, 2008
If the night sky seems less tranquil on nights when the moon is bright, the observation probably isn't imagined since a new study has determined that at least one bird's level of activity dramatically increases with moonlight. More »

Photo: Moon Storms Moon Storms
NASA - Tue Dec 6, 2005
Every lunar morning, when the sun first peeks over the dusty soil of the moon after two weeks of frigid lunar night, a strange storm stirs the surface. More »

Photo: Mesmerized by Moondust Mesmerized by Moondust
NASA - Sun Nov 20, 2005
Each morning, Mian Abbas enters his laboratory and sits down to examine--a single mote of dust. More »

Crackling Planets
NASA - Tue Aug 9, 2005
Have you ever walked across a wool carpet in leather-soled shoes on a dry winter day, and then reached out toward a doorknob? ZAP! A stinging spark leaps between your fingers and the metal knob. More »



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