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Left at East Gate: A First-hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest Ufo Incident

Left at East Gate: A First-hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest Ufo Incident

by Larry Warren, Peter Robbins

Publisher: Cosimo Books
Year: 2005


The astonishing story that has been featured in Sci Fi and History Channel documentaries! In December 1980, Larry Warren was a member of the Air Force security police stationed at RAF Bentwaters, a NATO base in Great Britain. On the night of the 28th he was on guard duty when he was taken by truck to join other Air Force personnel to investigate a disturbance in a Rendlesham Forest about five miles away, which turned out to be a landed UFO. This was the third night of UFO activity in the area and by far the most profound. When the men were debriefed the next day, they were warned to tell no one about what they had seen-as "bullets are cheap." And so began what would turn out to be the best documented and most significant military-UFO incident in history. This remarkable story, told with the help of investigative writer Peter Robbins, was the basis of the Sci Fi Channel's documentary UFO Invasion at Rendlesham and the History Channel.

"Warren's firsthand account explodes with authentic detail. A riveting, fascinating, and important book." -Whitley Strieber, author of Communion

"Has the force of a well-told mystery novel, yet it is all disturbingly true. A major contribution to the literature." -Budd Hopkins, author of Missing Time

"One gripping version of the story of this classic UFO case and its aftermath." -Publisher's Weekly

"This book is dynamite. Meticulously researched, gripping, provocative..." -Nick Pope, author of Open Skies, Closed Minds

"Questions on these UFO sightings are still being asked in Parliament. If you read this gripping book you will see why." -Focus, journal of the British Ministry of Defence


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