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Dark Object: The World's Only Government Documented UFO Crash

Dark Object: The World's Only Government Documented UFO Crash

by Don Ledger, Chris Styles

Publisher: Dell
Year: 2001
Paperback: $7.50


Long forgotten in the rush to discover the truth about the Roswell UFO crash, the Shag Harbour incident (consistently misspelled Shag Harbor by the publisher) has now resurfaced as strong evidence that an extraordinary object was tracked and pursued by Canadian military forces. Many witnesses saw an object with four bright lights fall into a bay of the Atlantic Ocean near this small Nova Scotia fishing village on the night of October 4, 1967. Three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers were in a position to see the lighted object bobbing around on the water for a short time. Soon local fishing boats went to the spot where it was assumed an airplane had crashed, but all they found was a large quantity of odd yellow foam that smelled like sulfur. The Canadian navy sent divers to look for wreckage but found nothing. Coauthor Styles was one of the original witnesses, and in 1995 with UFO researcher Don Ledger, he began looking for other witnesses and government documents that might explain what had happened.


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