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Worker in the Light

Worker in the Light

by George Noory, William J. Birnes

Publisher: Forge Books
Year: 2007
Paperback: $12.95


"From a chilling and chaotic on-air confrontation with a Ouija Board through a series of personal encounters with the unknown ranging from an out-of-body experience as a child to a terrifying discovery about Voodoo, Coast to Coast AM's mesmerizing host George Noory absolutely riveted me. What a life! I envy him these great adventures at the edge of reality...and a little farther beyond than most of us would dare to go. George is a very warm guy who has seen and done some very scary things. Late at night you can get a thrill by listening to George on the radio--and then, when it's really late, you can pick up his book...if you dare."---Whitley Strieber, New York Times bestselling author The Grays

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